About Creator Lab

Creator Lab is a place where young people aged 8+ years can come together to learn new skills and work with others to design and make a range of creations from computer games, to robots, websites and mobile apps.

Our focus is on harnessing creativity, problem solving skills and team work to develop working products that serve a purpose. Our goal is to simulate real world working environments to provide students with skills that will help them no matter where life takes them.

No exams, no grades and no minimum entry requirements. All are welcome; we will strive to ensure everyone succeeds to the best of their ability.

Creator Lab’s Core Team

Kobir Uddin

Managing Director

Kobir Uddin oversees the day to day running of Creator Lab. As a co-founder of CAFFE (a UK education charity) Kobir has 10 years experience of working with young people and teaching them to use technology effectively. Kobir has developed apps and websites for international clients such as Sisimpur. He has presented at technology shows in the UK and also received training from Microsoft at their headquarters in Seattle, USA.

Luke Doyle

Education & Technology Advisor

Luke Doyle is a UK qualified teacher and independent software developer. He has 20 years teaching experience and has worked in the UK, USA, Austria, China and Bangladesh. In 2010, he co-founded a charity called CAFFE with Kobir; today, he specialises in curriculum development, mobile app coding and designing educational software for schools.

Jilu Miah

Chief Executive Officer

Jay Miah is an entrepreneur who has been involved in successfully starting several companies in Healthcare and Recruitment. He is a business transformation expert, private investor & corporate adviser. Jay has almost two decades of business, mergers & acquisitions expertise across a vast array of sectors (engineering & manufacturing, franchising, HR, real estate, recruitment, retail, training & education).